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please standbyI’ve been chipping away at my sequel for Force No One, and I’m getting there, but man. There are not enough hours in a day, seems like. Our kids are high schoolers and 2/3rds of them have jobs for the summer (the other 1/3 is pending), so I can’t blame them or the distracting needs of the younger kids they used to be.

Many generous readers have asked and continue to reach out asking when Force Majeure, the sequel, is going to be on sale. I keep saying, “Soon.” But that isn’t the answer.

Late in his diverse career, the famous actor, writer, and director Orson Welles did commercials for a vintner. I can’t say whether the wine was any good (I’m more of a brown liquor man), but the tagline was “… no wine before its time.” Most authors I know ascribe to this philosophy for their written works, especially follow-on ones—and especially the first sequel. I’d love to have had Force Majeure out before now, but I’m convinced that I’ll know when it’s really done.

That cover shown elsewhere here is also a placeholder and by no means final. That detail usually precedes the words: It’s a quirk of mine. But I think of these things as works in progress, not unfinished ones.

They only become “unfinished” when we quit. Keep charging!

Stay in touch.

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