Writing is easy—except for a blog …

Who said comedy was easy but writing is hard?

Oh, wait. That was me.

Maybe the reason why I write long-form is that I can take my time doing it. Now, admittedly, I’m way behind even my own sked on the sequel to Force No One, but that isn’t all my fault. As the principal in the small press Force Poseidon, I’ve been busy publishing the amazing works of others. [I didn’t make the FP name clickable because the web hobbits at its current host have fallen asleep at the wheel; the site’s broken as I write this and it’s pending rejuvenation on another platform.]

To see what I’ve been up to, you should download a Kindle or buy a paper book from my authors at Amazon or everywhere else. Check out the thrilling Pantheon and Pantheon2: Ares & Athena, by KR Paul. These books are a solid blend of DNA from “Mission: Impossible” and “The Justice League.”

Then check out the shadowy side of the street inhabited by my pal, the real-life espionage operator JT Patten, with the revised and relaunched Shadow Masters. Black ops soldiers become unwittingly embroiled in unsanctioned government assassination programs to stage proxy attacks and false-flag terror events on U.S. soil only to jumpstart military spending for a federal contractor.

And finally, check out the runaway Force Poseidon hit The Body Man, by Eric P. Bishop. Who protects the secrets of the Presidency? The Body Man. In a town that’s obsessed with dark secrets, where the currency of power is information, The White House has kept a huge one for decades. Charged with the task of protecting and defending the Office of the Presidency from threats both outside and in, the keeper of secrets—the Body Man—has been in the shadows since the 1960s.

And he’s vanished without a trace.

If you will bear with me, I’ll promise to write more, and more often, in the coming days. Meantime, check out those books above and see if you agree with me that they make terrific presents for the Holidaze.

Thanks so much for reading. More soon.


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