In FORCE NO ONE, an AI-powered, laser-equipped MQ-9L Reaper "smart drone" was used to combat terrorists planning to attack the World Series. In WINGHAVEN, that drone spins off into a new series and is joined by others under a sort of AI neural net, becoming sentient—way smarter than we are, and lots faster. Their secret base in the Wyoming wilderness is dubbed Area 51-Delta, and nicknamed Winghaven.

Fortunately, the Colossus aggregate supercomputer in FNO is unlike the one in Colossus: The Forbin Project that inspired it. Colossus and the smart drones remain friendly to their human colleagues. But they don't need us. The AI can infuse itself into any existing electronic device and even design and build others, so the drones maintain, service, and even plan and execute their own missions, when permitted.

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