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I was interviewed by the editor of Thriller Magazine
and it was huge fun. Check it out.

“I suppose lots of readers close the cover on the book they just read and tell themselves, ‘Yeah, I think I can do this.’ That was me for a long time, but like with lots of writers, my work and family life came first. I’m a reader of Tom Clancy, Brad Taylor, and Brad Thor, who have obviously enjoyed terrific success writing thrillers, and I wanted to do that as well. My background in police work applies—most of my Army time was in long-duration undercover drug suppression operations—and after seven active Army and 24 Navy Reserve years, I navigate things military with comfort and ready familiarity. I put those experiences (and a bunch of research, of course) into my debut thriller, FORCE NO ONE.”


Big thanks to Nick Plosser and The Half Percent Podcast for his terrific show on which I guested on 30 January 2021. Nick is a great interviewer and this is a podcast you definitely should Like and Follow. Coming soon: Nick interviews my Force Poseidon literary battle buddy KR Paul about her compelling USAF career and her runaway successful debut thriller PANTHEON.

Click the pic to listen in.